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Breaded Wholetail Scampi
Delicious Wholetail Scampi coated in light crispy golden breadcrumbs. Scampi makes a tasty snack on ..
Coquilles St Jacques
Queen Scallops, Salmon and Prawns in a delicious white wine sauce, topped with piped potato, ch..
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Shell-on Seafresh Crevettes are from the Eastern Atlantic and blast-frozen to retain their unique fl..
Cromer Crab
Cromer Crabs are world renowned, they are simply the best dressed Crab you will find. They..
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King Prawns Cooked
Our juicy King Prawns are de-veined and de-shelled and cooked for your convenience. Lovely to eat on..
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King Prawns in Garlic
Oh my word, these are a must to try, very, very tasty! - King Prawns coated in Garlic Butter. Just a..
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King Prawns Uncooked
Uncooked, headless, King prawns. Can be used in many dishes and they cook in minutes. Great for curr..
King Scallops
Our King Scallops are very large, they do not shrink when cooking like some you will find. Cook..
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Lobster Tails
Seafresh Lobster Tails come cleaned & prepared so you don't need to spend extra time in the kitc..
New Zealand Greenlipped Mussels
From the bays of New Zealand they are filter fed to avoid grain and sand in the shell. We prepare th..
Salad Prawns
Firm, pink, juicy prawns with an amazing flavour. Great for sandwiches, salads and of course th..
Tempura King Prawns
Wonderful for a party or starter. Large King Prawns coated in our light Tempura Batter. Tempura..
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Whole Lobster (Two)
Whole Cooked Canadian Lobsters, amazing Lobsters! Available in 2s or 5s. They can also be added to a..
Wild Sea Caught Black Tigers
WOW. These huge King Prawns caught off the shores of Nigeria and very impressive with a lovely sweet..